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I am a fully qualified Human Givens psychotherapist offering fast and effective, solution focused treatment for trauma, PTSD, phobias, anxiety, depression, anger and addiction.


Did you know that there are over 400 methods of psychotherapy currently being used across the world? 

The Human Givens is a relatively new "non-psychobabble" approach which is fast, safe and effective.  Founded by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell, they went on to establish the Human Givens Institute in 2001.  Their philosophy for effective psychotherapy is truly holistic, scientific and practical.

Why are we susceptible to experiencing mental health problems?

From the Human Givens perspective, there are 3 possible reasons why a person is not able to get the necessary physical and emotional nourishment they need in order to stay physically and mentally well, these are:

  • The environment is sick - maybe we are working in a stressful working place, or our home life is unsafe, we are living in a dangerous community or in prison.

  • An individuals internal guidance system is damaged - this can be due to problems at birth, brain damage, autism or assault on the brain such as an attack, accident or drug or alcohol poisoning later in life.  Psychological damage due to trauma and unhelpful conditioning are also factors.

  • Missing coping skills - when a person does not know how to operate their own internal guidance system, (which is 50% genetic and 50% learned). If someone has had very little attention given to them when they were growing up as a child, they may not have learnt how to engage and disengage their attention at will, or they misuse their imagination by worrying, leading to them becoming depressed.

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