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"And remember always that you're unique. And that all you have to do is let people see that you are."

Milton H. Erikson

About me...

I have always been interested in people and how each one of us behaves differently when we are faced with certain difficulties that life can sometimes present. This can be challenging for us all and due to our personal circumstances, we react in different ways in order to deal with them in the best way we can. Occasionally, we can feel overwhelmed by our feelings and lose sight on our best way forward.

After completing my Level 3 Counselling diploma in 2014, I realised this was the career I wanted to pursue. I discovered the Human Givens approach in 2017 whilst I was working for a gambling addictions centre in Dudley. As part of my personal development, I completed the Addictions course. This new, "non-psychobabble" approach made so much sense to me that I knew I had to go on and complete the whole diploma.

Now, as a fully qualified Human Givens psychotherapist, I will work with you to help you discover different ways on how to deal with your difficulties and feelings to establish which emotional needs are not being met. Using practical, solution focused therapy, I will ensure you are able to move on in your life in more positive ways.

I am fully insured and DBS checked.

I am based in the village of Wollaston, near Stourbridge Town Centre, in the West Midlands, approximately 30 minutes from Junction 4 of the M5.

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