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"An addiction is a habitual indulgence with any substance, activity or practice that is beyond control and affects our daily lives for the worse."

Addiction can be almost anything; smoking, alcohol, drugs, exercise, gambling, sex or learning a new activity.  When we meet any of our human needs for something we are craving, our brain rewards us with feelings of pleasure.  The brain chemical dopamine and its opioid system are wired in such a way that it motivates us to get our needs met.  When we experience feelings of "natural highs" we experience rushes of dopamine (resembling cocaine) and opioids (resembling heroin).

The Carrot and the Stick

When we try something new and exciting which makes us feel good, pleasurable feelings flood our bodies and we want to repeat the activity, meeting our emotional need for achievement (the carrot). 

But after we have tried it again a few times, our internal "pleasure dial" gets turned down and therefore, in order to sustain our enjoyment, we find ourselves having to repeat the activity over and over again in order to try and relive that first momentous feeling of euphoria (the stick).

There are many reasons why we can be susceptible to addiction, it may be feelings of:

  • loneliness or isolation,

  • relationship difficulties,

  • ill health, 

  • trauma

As as a Human Givens Psychotherapist, I will help you:

  • establish what the triggers are for your addictive behaviour

  • relax deeply so you are better equipped to manage strong emotions

  • to expel any positive expectations you are experiencing from your addictive behaviour

  • conquer your cravings

  • to identify and put in place strategies for dealing with high risk situations

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